Samantha + Jonathan

How did you meet?

Jonathan and I met in our local gym, where he was a new Personal Trainer there! Apparently my smile and my bent over rows caught his eye haha! One day he had a client unable to make their session and came over to me and asked if I wanted a complimentary training session with him! His way of making his move! After the gym session he asked for my number so he could text me to see how I was feeling the next day after a tough leg day!!! A few texts later lead to him asking me out to dinner! I accepted!

When did you know they were the one?

I knew he was a keeper after a few months as he was different and more mature compared to me exes. We have a 12 year age gap so was originally reluctant at first and thought he was too young for me! He proved me wrong and swept me off my feet!

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner

Jonathan has many amazing attributes. He is his own boss so his determination to succeed is so attractive! His thoughtfulness never ends and always strives to make me happy!  Even on a tough day, his Positivity is always shining through!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

Once we set a date, I then went to find my dream dress! After various dress shopping days with no wow feeling I was starting to think I wasn’t going to find my dream dress in time, given we only had 3 months to play with! Then one day I booked Marrime Bridal Boutique and I loved the Luxe Riley gown up until I saw The Harlie (without the split) The detail and embellishment of the gown is breathtaking and I knew instantly it was the one for me! It hugged and fitted in all the right places and knew Jonathan would think it was my perfect gown too!

Who proposed and how?

We decided to go to Scotland for a week’s vacation and planned it around climbing Ben Nevis! The weather was dreadful all week but he was determined no matter what that wecwerr climbing it! Reluctantly I agreed to climb the mountain!! After a tough climb all wind swept and soaked through with legs of jelly we reached the Summit and posed for what I thought was a picture taken by a stranger. Little did I know Jonathan had discreetly asked a fellow climber to video us, that’s when he got down on one knee and pooped the question! Emotionally I said yes! He even sneaked up a bottle of mini moet up in his back pack for us to toast while we had a sandwich and reflected over what just happened!  We have a video of this proposal if you want it!

What surprised you most about your wedding?

Our wedding was beautiful, what surprised me was how calm I felt before and during the ceromony. I’d built it up previously that I’d so nervous but thankfully I was quite chilled!

What advice would you give other brides?

The advice I’d probably give other brides is try to give yourself 5 minutes once your dressed and ready to go. Gather your thoughts and have that few minutes alone to absorb this beautiful moment of wearing your dress finally after your fittings and compose yourself for going to meet your groom! Mine was quite rushed, and I forget about my perfume! Had to get my bridesmaid to go get it after the ceromony!



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