Our Concept


Made with Love is every girl’s best friend, we are effortlessly chic, ever confident and undeniably relatable. We love a good flirt and never take ourselves too seriously.

We are Australian at heart, yet international in mindset, honouring our distinct down to earth roots through a luxurious, globally driven experience.

We have our finger on the pulse, ever up to date with the latest trends, guiding and inspiring our brides to style a modern look that empowers them to feel confident, sexy and of the now.

Our brides are our best friends, a MWL girl. We share an undeniable bond, looking to us for advice, guidance, and above all, a good time. She knows she can count on us.

We are authentically personable, engaging and attentive to every MWL stockist and bride to be, always in tune and responsive to their needs.

We welcome and celebrate women of all shapes, sizes and colours, from all walks of life into the MWL family. We represent every woman, everywhere, and celebrate each and everyone’s unique, natural beauty.

Love is at the heart of everything we do, from the personalised service we provide, to the handmade processes we practice, and the designs and content we create, everything is done with the utmost consideration and to the highest standard to create the dream dress and experience for our brides.