Terms and Conditions

It is the bride’s responsibility to record any/all changes/comments to the dress in the Notes section of the online ordering page. The bridal stylist takes no responsibility in remembering these or communicating these changes.

It is the responsibility of the bride to identify whether she plans to lose weight in the notes section of the online ordering page, and to send the Made with Love girls the updated measurements six months before the wedding if so.

Made with Love Bridal makes generic sizes and it is the Bride’s responsibility to get alterations / tweaks once she has received the dress if need be. All females have different body shapes and it is expected to get alterations once you have received your dress.

Made with Love Bridal match your measurements to generic sizing; we can split sizing if necessary. Alterations/tweaks are common upon delivery to ensure a perfect fit. All tweaks are covered by the bride.

No changes to the design can be made once ordered. All dresses are made to order, therefore MWL Bridal do not refund if the bride changes her mind or if she feels the dress does not suit her.

The length of your dress is made within 5cm increments, Eg: 142cm will be 145cm in length