We love our stockists!

MWL has stockists all over the globe and we want to give our MWL girls a chance to get to know them better.

This week we heard from Heather, owner and stylist at Bridal Parlour in Shiloh, Illinois, USA.

Share the story of Bridal Parlour.

I was raised in an entrepreneur family with the expectations that someday I would own my own company. As far back as I can recall, every previous generation has strove to help their communities grow. It was a long trek to find the perfect space for me where I could blend my passions. First, I wanted to be an attorney, then a mental health counselor, and finally a bridal shop owner. I worked in a couple different shops to learn the inner workings of the industry, discovered modern felt like the perfect fit, and began the creation of Bridal Parlour.

What inspired you to go into the bridal industry?

It was a bit of a happy coincidence. I was finishing my Masters in Mental Health and realized I was too much of an empath. I love people around me and absorb all the emotions which can be a bit overwhelming in the long term. While figuring things out, I began working at a small boutique in South Carolina (where I’m from). As soon as I met my first bride, I knew this was the perfect fit for me. Within a week, I was telling my husband someday I would own my own shop, but first, I would put in the time to learn the industry inside and out.

Tell us a bride memory that always brings a smile to your face.

One of my very first brides came in overwhelmed. She had been to every store in the region and was as lost when she arrived as when she began. Instead of diving in, we sat down on a sofa and went over everything she was wanting – style, cut, vision of the wedding, etc… Gowns are like a puzzle and you have to get the pieces to create the full picture. With a little listening and working together, we created the perfect dress for her. Her gown was gorgeous, unique, and perfect for her.

What gets you most excited to go to work each day?

Meeting our brides and creating that perfect, unique style with each of them that feels like their true self. I want every bride to look at their pictures on their wedding day and see themselves and the story of their love.

What’s one piece of advice you give to every bride?

High waisted, nude, laser cut undies! But seriously, I tell my brides that everyone’s journey to their Yes moment looks different. Some cry with joy, some whisper a little yes under their breath, and some even decide it is perfect once they get home and cannot stop thinking about it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to fit a box of what your Yes will be. We are a rainbow of people which makes the world a more beautiful place.

“As soon as I met my first bride, I knew this was the perfect fit for me.”

What makes your team stand out from the crowd? Tell us about them!

Bridal Parlour is a one woman show! My husband and I opened with expectation to create an intimate, unique experience for brides. When in shop, you are the only bride, so you can share your time with only your nearest and dearest. I love being part of those moments that are so very special to each person.

What’s one moment in your career in bridal that you’ll never forget?

Taking the step to opening my own shop. I don’t think anyone ever feels ready or “adult” enough to carry an entire business. I recall sitting in the middle of the empty floor, looking around the room, and realizing it was all mine. But my husband has been such an incredible support for me. I have never looked back on making this choice and treasure every day.

If you were choosing a MWL dress for your big day, which one would you pick?

Oh, that’s a hard one! My first reaction is for the Elsie – flowy skirt. I love the shape of her neckline, the statement lace, and pockets! I require pockets on my wedding gown. I also adore how light she is and easy to move in. If I could have a second though, Id be all over the Harlow with the new plunge neckline. Something about that gown makes me feel all sorts of sexy – which is too good to ignore.


3630 Green Mount Crossing Dr.  Shiloh, IL

website | [email protected]

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