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Made With Love Bridal Collection


Our Harlie dress was featured in Magnolia Rouge, click here to view the article.

H&Cmwl144White Magazine featured our MWL girl in her Charlie dress. Click here to read more and to view all the photos!


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Love Find Co featured our editorial at Byron Bay with Roost Film & Co, directed by Carla Jenkins, designer of MWL.


Bridal Musings featured our beautiful MWL girl in her Sasha dress in ivory in Lakeside, Italy.


bridal musing

Aisle Society featured our Dasha dress on their blog for glamorous and edgy wedding inspiration.


dasha feature

Vogue gave us the honour, of being number 2 in the top 10 ‘under the radar’ bridal brands in Australia.

vogue 2

Our MWL Girl, Joni was featured in Vogue, showing off her wedding in Bali wearing Anastasia.



A dreamy old-world Melbourne Wedding featuring our Harper dress on a MWL girl on White Magazine’s blog.

White mag



Our Sasha dress was featured on Green Wedding Shoes today with our stockist, Anna Be Bridal.





Our Luxe Collection has been featured on Bridal Editor today as well as how MWL started!



Luxe Collection featured on Magnolia Rouge blog today!



MWL Girl featured on Hello May


MWL Girl in Vogue!

Our Georgie, one half of the brilliance behind We Are Kindred fashion label, married her Jake in November last year and WHAT. A. WEDDING! Make a cup of tea, grab a blanket, and get comfy and inspired as you read about their second-to-none wedding in inner city Sydney.



This issue’s fashion editorial offers a different take on our regular feature. The scene is displayed in black and white, offering a classic feel to the shoot, while the gowns add a contrasting modern element. Scroll down to see an exclusive extended look at the shoot dreamed up by our very own editor, Carla Burrell, and captured on film by the talented James Bennett.

Isla and Adelyn from our LUXE Collection are featured in the magazine.

AdelynIsla black and whiteIsla



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Made with Love Bridal launches LUXE 


Luxury, handmade bridal gowns with fabrics sourced from Europe have just been released by Made with Love Bridal Pty Ltd.

Gold Coast, February 2017.

Creative director and owner, Carla Hupfeld, model, Claire Jones, and Phil and Aaron from Heart and Colour all flew to Uluru, Northern Territory on 25 January 2017 to shoot the 2017 collection, LUXE by Made with Love Bridal. The company, which prides itself on designing modern and distinctive wedding dresses, are now stock throughout Australia, United States, Canada, and Europe. Most stockists will be carrying LUXE and the company will be showcasing this collection at New York Bridal Fashion Week in October.

“We are beyond thrilled with the response to LUXE to far. Each lace was handpicked to highlight the femininity of each design,” says Carla Hupfeld. “The passion and dedication my team showed when creating these pieces is something I’m be very proud of.”

LUXE is available to try on at the Gold Coast, Adelaide and Sydney boutiques as well as Made with Love Bridal’s stockists. From only having seven stockists last year, to now having over 45 stockists has really pushed us to be better, more creative and employ a team of dedicated employees Carla Hupfeld says, “From seeing brides in my parents’ bedroom to expanding this quickly is a dream come true.”

For more information on LUXE, please visit or email [email protected]



“I aim for unique bridal designs that encapsulate the untraditional and free spirited bride. For me, the ideal dress mixes something timeless with sass, cheekiness, edgy and feminine.”

Interview with Carla Jenkins, our Director and Designer on White Magazine – to read the full interview click here.

white-magaziineOur Bo dress is the cover of PlayBook Bridal Magazine. To view the magazine please click here.


Featured on for New York Bridal Fashion Week #NYBFW



myweddingOur Tulle skirt travelled to Tuscany and was featured on White Magazine’s blog – to view the photos and blog please click here.



Featured in White Magazine



Elle featured their top 25 most beautiful wedding dresses, and our FRANKIE was number 2 on their list. We personally think she should have been number 😉 Click here to view the article.


Featured in Cosmopolitan Bridal Magazine (Dani dress on the far right)






























Featured on White Magazine’s Blog 1st of June featuring our Dust Shoot – Danni and Frankie.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.51.50 am


Featured in White Magazine’s Blog 20th of May 2016 featuring our Anastasia dress

Blog white

Featured in Brisbane News on Wednesday the 18th of May 2016 – Click here to read the full interview

Brisbane News

Featured on White Magazine’s Blog on the 15th of February 2016




Featured on Brisbane Wedding Weekly

bris weekly


Featured as vendor of the week on Polka Dot



Featured on Gold Coast Eye Brides Magazine 18th September 2015
FullSizeRender IMG_2889

Can you start by telling me a little about your own background, and how and why you founded Made with Love?

I’ve always been aware of fashion trends and enjoyed dressing up. At seven, when my Mum tired of dressing my twin sister who didn’t care about fashion (and still doesn’t), I volunteered. I dressed her for childhood friends’ parties when we were younger, and dates and house parties when we were older. I also volunteered to style school friends at any hint of a ‘I don’t know what to wear to the party on Saturday!’ cry. It wasn’t much at the time but I learned a lot about bodies shapes and personal styles, and I think that’s been really valuable to me with Made with Love.

Made with Love began out of a frustration that I could not find a simple, beautiful, affordable wedding dress after Josh proposed. I tried looking in stores and online; I even tried op shops! Everything seemed over the top with frills or by price tag, so I contacted a dressmaker with a few ideas. We boiled my ideas down to two dresses and I chose one for the ceremony and one for the reception. It was all so easy that I couldn’t help thinking I could help other brides in the same dilemma.

What is the process behind the gowns in each collection …  from design to manufacture?

I think every dress has a different story. The idea of some dresses wake me up at night; others are inspired by holidays or seasons or trends; and others are ideas from our very own brides. I draw up the design before collaborating with Mum. We tweak a few things and scout out the fabrics and laces we consider perfect for the dress. Then, we present our collection of ideas to our dressmakers and go from there. They take a good few months to make, and by the time they’re finished, we have a photoshoot with models, locations and fresh flowers ready to go! Organising the photoshoot is one of my favourite tasks, as we style the shoot in the way that’s going to bring out the personality of the dress.

Do you think being headquartered on the Gold Coast influences your designs or end product in any way? Or the way you’re perceived by the broader bridal industry?

Well, I work hard and long hours, but I think living on the Gold Coast AND having an excited puppy really helps me to have a healthier work/life balance than if we lived in one of the bigger cities. To live in a city that is flanked with mountains and ocean is really special, and does a lot to inspire me, sometimes with flow and beauty, and other times with drama and boldness. A little of the Gold Coast is in every dress, and certainly, in every photoshoot.

Because we’re still a smallish city, we can afford the relaxed, familiar feel bigger cities can’t enjoy, and that’s something Made with Love will always relish in, with our brides and with our industry. The bridal industry here is dynamite – I’m honestly so proud of the wedding industry ninjas we have on the coast. It’s a really supportive network and it feels like if one of us achieve something big, we all do.

Who are your customers? (ie. are they predominantly local or global, and what is it they’re looking for in a dress)

Our brides are predominantly Australian and American, aged between 24 and 30 but we have sold dresses to brides all over the world and get so excited when we see a new country in the orders! From the brides who have come into the Boutique on the Gold Coast, they seem to be young professionals who are committed to the mortgage and dog and want a beautiful wedding without selling the house. They’re generally looking for feminine, fitted, flattering, simple and elegant. And that is what we love to provide in our wedding dresses.

Finding THE dress is such an emotive process for brides; do you see any common frustrations with the gown shopping process? If so, how do you think you address these?

Such an emotive process… We don’t see many frustrations during the appointments – thank goodness – but we do often see stressed brides who set unrealistic goals (e.g., losing weight), and when the dress comes, the disappointment is too much because they catered the dress for their goal. There is so much pressure for brides to look like models on their wedding day. I understand why you’d want to, but I wish there was more of a ‘I want to look like me, just more glamorous’ mentality out there. We always advise our brides to choose what suits them, rather than what suits the models. Their fiancées would not have proposed if they wanted to marry another body.

Sometimes, we seem more like a counselling service than a bridal boutique, but we do whatever we can to support our brides. We’re also thinking of bringing in a Health Psychologist into our team to guide our brides with healthy, positive and self-loving support and stress-management for the wedding day and beyond.

I’m sure you’ve had so many special moments; whether it’s seeing your designs come together or walking down the aisle on your customers. Are there any that stand out for you?

My favourite moment was being invited to a bride’s wedding. I had never met the bride before she arrived in the Boutique, but she was the relative of a friend of mine from South Africa, and this friend was coming over for the wedding. I remember her appointment so clearly because we got along so easily that I was convinced I had met her before. After the appointment, I received a call from my South African friend inviting me to be her Plus One at the wedding because the bride wanted me to be there. It was one of those, ‘Is this real life?’ moments.

Any of your past clients you can tell us about who you think have looked particularly beautiful in your gowns, or epitomised what the label is about?

Oh, that’s the hardest question I’ve ever been asked! I’m convinced MWL brides are the prettiest of all the brides, but I could be biased. Nothing makes us MWL girls prouder than when we’re sent photos of our happy brides or we see photos pop up on Instagram and Facebook.

I do remember a bride by the name of Danielle. Like many of our brides, I wanted to become her bestie after the appointment because we had so much in common. She wore the Kelly lacy wedding dress with the fur coat; it was Winter, and the reception was outdoors and intimate with fires everywhere. She defined elegance! I think I ‘wasted’ that entire day looking at the photos we were sent.

What styles are trending at the moment?

I think the bohemian trend is slowly drawing to a close. We generally use elements of trends, without incorporating the whole trend into one dress. We did use elements of the bohemian look but we stayed away from dresses casual enough to be worn to a bbq on a public holiday. We love bridal dresses that look like bridal dresses – and dresses that show off what being a women is all about: curves, femininity and strength. And that’s what we stick to.

Where to next … any plans for the future?

Well, lots has happened in the last year. My husband started a complementary suit label to MWL called Made with Class; they can now be found in our boutique so we’re becoming a one-stop-shop!

MWL dresses are now stocked on the Central Coast in a bridal boutique called Lily Grace. The official launch is this weekend so we are beside ourselves with excitement. They stock our entire range; we’re very pleased to be working with Sally Anderson as she epitomises what it is to be a MWL girl. Our dresses are also going to be stocked in a bridal boutique in Rome, Italy next year so we’re also working towards that, and we’re really hoping to have a boutique in Melbourne next year some time.

Other than boutiques, we’re setting up conversations about doing Pop Up stores in different cities in Australia. Won’t that be exciting? I don’t think my husband will let me have all the fun alone though, so I imagine Made with Class will be ‘popping up’ too!

We were invited to New York Fashion Week and the Australian Fashion Week this year. We were flattered but we want to keep our focus on our small family business and our brides. We don’t want to turn into a mass producing business – our personal touch means everything to us.


Styled Shoot featured on


Featured on Polka Dot Bride’s Blog




Featured on White Magazine’s Blog

White Mag Savannah

Our Bride, featured in Queensland Bride Magazine

QLD bride magazine

Made with Love featured in White Magazine

white mag

Featured on White Magazine



We’re all about dashing specimens in tailored suits – intricate, hidden elements that become apparent at just the right time. In this styled shoot for Made With Love Bridal’s newest addition to the family – their brother company Made With ClassDream Destination Weddings capture the contours and seamless fits of the designs, evoking a real sense of suave style. There’s a fresh, crisp feel to these garments for both the groom and bride, the rich, deep colours of the suits reflecting the richness of the lace details in the gowns. Subtle details like the contrasting threads in the buttons of the shirts give new life to the idea of groom’s fashion, and we’re loving that the custom designs are making real headway, with the focus shifting from perfecting just the bride’s outfit to ensuring our man also comes up nicely.

Featured on Polka Dot Bride

Polka dot

Featured on White Magazine



The incredible talent behind Made With Love, Carla Jenkins, celebrated her one-year anniversary with her husband Josh in style by coordinating a fabulously romantic photo shoot captured by Glass Slipper Photography. They took a trip down memory lane, using Boomerang Farm on the Gold Coast as the location – the site that they became husband and wife (how sweet is that!). Now we don’t want to make you tear up even more, but you have to read the adorable behind the scenes interview we had with the couple.

When and where did you meet?
Carla: Joshy and I met in our first year at University in the library. We were both 17 years old and I thought he was so cute (baby cute, not hot cute haha). He apparently had a crush on me but I just thought he was the funniest guy I have ever met. I remember getting dirty looks from the uni students when I could not stop laughing in the library from all his hysterical stories. Joshy was tall, skinny, had a mop of curly hair and had braces at the time … I was way too cool for him!! That is until I met him 4 years ago and how things had changed… Joshy had bulked up, shaved his head and I literally drooled when I saw him at 3 Beans in Broadbeach, Gold Coast! The rest is history.

Josh: I met Carla at University. We weren’t studying the same course but we had a mutual friend and shared the same study area in the library. I don’t know why I ever took books to study, all I did was try to impress Carla. Once she left for class I would go home straight away.

Can you remember what you were doing when you first locked eyes?
Carla: We locked eyes at 3 Beans (A cafe in Broadbeach). He is literally the FUNNIEST person and has the best sense of humour. We met with a mutual friend to have a coffee… The poor mutual friend was totally left out of the conversations as we were in our own little world. He soon left and Joshy and I talked until the coffee/bar closed. It took 3 months for him to kiss me! I thought we were in the friendzone and was increasing my flirting skills to the max until he FINALLY kissed me! We’ve been inseparable from then.

What is your favourite aspect of married life?
Definitely being able to call him my husband! I get a thrill when he calls me his wife. Discussing everything with him, our date nights, knowing I get to grow old with him, talking about our future and visions, planning our holidays and living with my best friend.

Josh: That we are a team now. More than ever before. Everything we do from this point on is for us and our future family.

What is the most unexpected part of married life?
Sharing EVERYTHING … including the bank account haha.

Josh: Not that it has anything to do with marriage, but when I got home from work Carla had made an impulse purchase for an overseas holiday at the end of the year. That was pretty unexpected. We’re both really excited that we get to experience Europe for the first time with each other.

What do you do to show each other how you much you love each other?
Carla: Joshy will often turn off all technology in our house and just take me out on a date. Running your own business consumes you. So when he takes me away from this for just a couple of hours it’s so refreshing and it just reminds me why I love him so much. He is the most thoughtful person. He always surprises me. I always try to have the house clean, cook him a meal (I am the worst cook so I am really trying here, Mum even gave me some lessons the other day). Quality time is the big one for us.

Josh: Due to my work commitments, I wake up hours before Carla every day except Sunday. I set my alarm 5 minutes early so that I can snuggle her before I get up. I won’t leave the bed without giving her a kiss. As a couple we have date night every Tuesday. This night is sacred and we never miss it. It’s purely time for Carla and I to spend time with each other without anybody else. Mobile phones are banned from date night! We also show our love through other different ways, such as who turns the light off out in the hallway even though we’re both cosy in bed haha. Quite often I love Carla more when it comes to those things.

What lovely things do you notice about each other than no one else does?
Carla: Joshy’s sense of humour. His beautiful blue eyes change colour depending on what blue shirt he is wearing. The way he squints when he can’t read something. How he ALWAYS chooses the longest route to get from A to B when he’s driving. How he always asks for my opinion in everything he does.

Josh: Carla’s cheeky smile when she is up to something (she loves playing pranks on me). Her lanky arms and legs, I call her my baby giraffe. I see how passionate she is about her business and works 24/7. The way she loves me.

What is it about each other that warms your heart?
Carla: Joshy’s smile, his eyes and how he ALWAYS thinks about everyone except himself. The way he treats my friends and family. The way my friends love him and just want a ‘Joshy twin’.

Josh: When Carla catches the ‘giggles’ and will literally laugh for a solid 45 minutes, slapping her legs while she can’t breathe. Her relationship with my Mum, Dad and sisters. The way she just adores our new puppy, Buddy.

What do you cherish most about your relationship?
Carla: We cherish our trust and honesty. Once that is broken it’s very hard to put back together. We trust each other with our lives and will always be honest with each other, even if it will hurt in the short term.

Josh: I cherish our time together. It’s easy to get caught up with work, especially now that Carla is so busy running her own business. She works tirelessly for her brides and she strives to make them happy, so when it’s my turn for Carla time we always make the most of it. Another thing that I appreciate about our relationship, apart from Carla’s addiction to online shopping, we’re completely honest with each other. There is nothing I need to or want to hide from Carla.

What are you looking forward to about the future?
We are so excited about our future! We are excited to buy our first house together next year, we can’t wait to travel at the end of the year, and we are excited to start a little family but are in no rush at all and just LOVE being Husband and Wife!

Josh: Four things. Firstly I can’t wait to see the world with Carla. I’ve never seen snow before and I am very excited to throw snowballs in her face and mock her on the slopes! Secondly, I’m excited to buy our first home together. We both share a similar vision of what our first home is going to look like, it’s going to be awesome! The next thing I’m looking forward to about the future with my wife is starting a family. We both want children but we want to be as prepared as possible. We both joke about which features from each other we want our child/children to have. Apparently my ears and gums are not on the list. Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing where Carla takes her business. She’s so passionate and innovative that I honestly don’t see anything stopping her. It’s inspirational to watch and I get to be there every step of the way.

Featured on White Magazine


We love a creative collaboration as much as the next person, but when that collaboration includes a killer concept and a truly breathtaking gown, we simply go a little bonkers! Gorgeous stylist Ange contacted the talented Carla from Made With Love Bridal with a pretty swanky idea, she described the shoot to be “a bride wearing couture in the streets of Paris or running barefoot on the beach”. Of course, with an idea like this, Carla quickly agreed and the talented duo began to create magic. Ange tells us that “mixing a high end gown with natural elements such as the beach or woodlands creates a sense of abandonment, a carefree elegance which we all aim to achieve.” We couldn’t agree more. All brides need to feel relaxed, fresh, beautiful and free on their day and this wonderful shoot reflects this perfectly.

Featured on Le Chat Noir



Here is another one of my favourite online wedding boutiques is Made With Love Bridal.

They launched in July 2013 and are based in Australia. They sell beautiful, unique and affordable wedding dresses, veils, head and food pieces, bridesmaids dresses, all worldwide.

They also have two boutiques in Australia, one in Sydney and one on the Gold Coast.

They make dresses to order from their collections as well as custom made* dresses for brides from all over the world. I can assure you they are super kind and answer all of your questions with care and fast! So don’t worry about their service, it’s great!

So below you can find some of their dresses, they have quite a big collection to choose from.

A few of my favourites are the Bella dress and the Jayne dress!

I love the Bella dress because it’s simple but yet extremely elegant and has a great bohemian feeling.

What’s so nice about their collections is that they have dresses for all kinds of brides: the bohemian bride, the princess bride, the sophisticated bride. And also for different budgets, because prices range from 660 euro to 1700 euro. So if your still on the hunt for the perfect, unique dress or you just wanna look, check out their website:

Made With Love Bridal

I wanna let you guys know that these posts are not sponsored (not now anyway, I’ll let you know when they are) and what I write is always my own opinion.

What do you guys think of Wedding Tuesday? Please let me know!



*MWL no longer make custom made designs.


Le Chat NOir

Featured on Classic Bride’s Blog

Classic Bride

I’m so thrilled to share this preppy glam beach shoot by stylist/photographer Angela Cleary and photographer Lee Thomas of Dream Destination Weddings. You may recognize the model, Jessica Marshall, from her blog, Jeskaalee, and the dress is from Made with Love Bridal.

Says fashion/bridal stylist Angela, “As a stylist, I love creating the perfect vision and when styling a shoot, I endeavor to  tell a story in a way which allows the viewer to reflect on what emotions it may stir or how they translate that to their own thoughts, dreams or style. Fashion, photography, design and interiors are one in the same really,  it’s all about how you mix your use of fabrics, texture, spacing, colours and shapes. Trends come and go, I’m not a huge fan of the obvious. […] We felt Jess would make a beautiful bride and the local synergy felt right. For me, it’s about connection on all levels.

My mood board for the theme was ‘she wears couture in the streets of Paris or runs barefoot on the beaches’ mixing a high-end gown with natural elements such as the beach or woodlands to create a sense of abandonment, a carefree elegance which we all aim to achieve. The Made with Love  gown was a perfect choice as it had an abundance of tulle and movement combined with structure and glamour. The beauty styling was by AVIA and we requested a relaxed and unstructured vision which made for a perfect match. When Lee from DDW and myself shoot together, we always throw caution to the wind. We embrace the spontaneity of each shoot and we create several different looks from the one garment. Throwing a cream blazer over the gown at one point was our YES! Moment  or ‘There’s our cover,’ we call it.”
8 2

Featured on One Wed

Made With Love is an online boutique wedding designer that crafts beautiful and affordable dresses for brides all around the world. Their gorgeous gowns are perfectly romantic, and we are lucky enough to share their 3 newest 2015 designs with our brides! This photo shoot is located in the private grounds of “Evergreen Garden Venue”. This magnificent stone home was hand built by the man of the house, who also lovingly designed the gardens. The home features secret wooden doors, ivy, iron gates imported from Egypt, and beautiful jacarandas covering the entrance of their driveway! The good news: they now a venue for small weddings! The dresses perfectly coincide with the romantic, garden setting with their dreamy tulle skirts with long trains and lace details. Browse below, and view Made With Love’s full collection here! Be sure to add your favorite looks to your Dream Dress Ideabooks! 

Photographed By: Infinity Faith Photography


Featured on White Magazine’s Blog:

As anyone who has ever seen a bridal gown in their lifetime would know, there are oh so many ingredients that go into crafting that perfect dream dress. An abundance of inspiration, a large helping of creativity and uniqueness and endless hours of pattern making, cutting and sewing are just a few worthy of a mention. But the ingredient that needs to be held high above all others is, of course, that crazy little thing called love. Made With Love Bridal certainly know a thing or two about the importance of injecting a whole lotta lovin’ into their unique creations and lucky for us, we can witness their handiwork first hand in their recent shoot featuring their latest range of bridal beauties. The inspiration for this one came from the rustic brides of yesteryear. She might wish to be barefoot under her dress, or work that earthy candlelit barn reception into the aesthetics into her big day. We absolutely adore how these earthy hues and the juxtaposition of white lace against a raw forest backdrop really breathe life into these stunning, versatile gowns!
Featured on Polka Dot Bride’s Blog:

I love nothing more than hearing abut new bridal designers and today I’m excited to introduce you to Made With Love! Gowns that are designed to be as at home at a candlelit barn reception as they are on the beach or forest floor.

Designer Carla, was born in South Africa but soon moved to Australia with her tight knit family. Carla has always had a love of fashion – her twin sister used to be the victim of her dress ups since they were both three! Upon her engagement in February last year, Carla set out to find her dream wedding gown. After visiting five stores and feeling disappointed that nothing stood out and fit her personal style she set about designing her own and Made With Love was born! Choosing gowns that were beautiful and making them her own, Carla soon quit her full time job to focus purely on her wedding designs. Each designed to be different and unique.

Carla teamed up with model Dani Bonnor and photographer Infinity Faith Photography to capture two of the gowns –  Arabella & Savannah in a stunning forest setting. Arabella features a three tier lace train, with a sensual low back. Savannah is more relaxed with long lace sleeves, a low back and a lace detailed bodice.

Made With Love Unique Bridal Collection Gowns

Featured on Hello May’s Blog for Hope & Lace’s styled shoot

Hope & Lace, one of our favourite Queensland vendors, is now expanding their range of offerings to include floral styling as a way to compliment their team of mastermind wedding planners and stylists. “We always like to remain current and offer something exciting to our clients. Plus I love playing with flowers and our team are amazing at what they do!”, says director Erin.

To showcase their latest initiative, Hope & Lace teamed up with the one and only Jess Jackson to photograph an inspiring range of bouquets and floral hair pieces at the beautifulTranscontinental Hotel in Brisbane. Their gorgeous models wore gowns by Made With Love, with hair by Loveloxx and makeup by Blissful Makeup.

When asked what she loves most about working with flowers,  Erin tells us, “the immediate impact they can have in a space – they bring so much to the table (pun intended!). From texture, colour, they can freshen up a dark space and in some cases make it smell glorious!”

Hope & Lace has also launched their own range of stationery, complete with matching wedding websites, which we look forward to bringing you later in the week, in the mean time soak up this gorgeous images taken on the mean streets of Bris Vegas.



 Featured on Hello May’s Blog for a Styled shoot called Into the Woods.

For photographer Paul Bamford, this shoot styled by Palace & Co was all about experimenting with contrasting colours and
textures. Wanting to create a “feast for the eyes” royal, rich colours were set against simple surrounding, while wild hair played a rebellious role against the formal gowns and menswear provided by Made With Love and Black Jacket Suiting.
Delicate table settings featuring stationery by Floralovely Calligraphy  and flowers by Poppyseed Floral Design created a warm, welcoming atmosphere compared to the quiet, unassuming forest, transforming it into a space where we would quite happily sit and enjoy a good glass of wine.

A modern day take on an enchanted, woodland wedding, this look that is rather romantic and easy enough to recreate. Yipee!


Interview with Bride Online with Carla (Director) 

Made with Love Interview

After the love of her life proposed to her in early 2013, Carla Jenkins, like so many of the newly engaged, went on a mission to find her ideal wedding dress. After failing to find the perfect dress for herself in her price range, Carla took matters into her own hands and began to research designs to craft her dress herself. As simply and naturally as that, Made with Love was born. The brand- offering flower crowns, homemade head pieces, foot pieces, veils among their services- endeavours to provide brides with beautiful, high- quality, and individualised pieces without the steep price tag that is so often attached to every aspect of the bridal industry. Here, Carla- the owner and designer- discusses her ascent to international popularity along with the ins-and-outs of her business.

How important are current fashion trends to you? How do you reconcile your design vision with changing trends?

It’s a tough question to address. Generally speaking, I have a distinct, yet simple and classic taste, which I think is inherent throughout my collection- I think this is probably my defining characteristic as a designer. Whether designing the Hippie Bride, the Classic Bride, the Beachy Bride, the Elegant Bride, The WOW-Factor Bride or Timeless Bride, I want to offer a sleek, effortless dress that the bride can make her own.

But at the same time, I do like to make sure that the collection is reflective of the moment we’re living in, so I’m constantly researching designs on Instagram, Google and Pinterest for inspiration. I like to bring in a new dress every 3-4 months to keep the palate fresh and up-to-date. The next dress we’re planning on bringing in to the collection is a blush pink colour, which seems to be very in at the moment. We’re also constantly asking our followers questions on our designs and styles to get their feedback.

And where do the issues of comfort and body image in your dresses fit into this mix?

I’m also very mindful of our clientele- I’m not interested in making dresses to suit only the tall, slim archetype, but for all body types. In order to do this, I tend to focus on both the design and lighter fabrics, which are easier to work with and more universally flattering.

I also never want the bride to feel constricted on her wedding day. When I wore the ‘Carla’ dress, I was comfortable, I could wear regular, robust undergarments, and I just felt so beautiful. And I understand just how much running around is done on the wedding day, so while it is important to look and feel beautiful, I personally think it’s extremely important to feel comfortable.

If a bride wanted to make any tweaks to her dress, would you be open to that?

One hundred percent. I’ve had a few brides who like the skirt of one dress and top of another, for example, and on every occasion we’ve been more than happy to cater to them. We really try to be very flexible- we say yes if we can physically make it happen, but, by the same token, we won’t make any false promises if we’re not totally sure we can deliver. Our priority is simple: for the bride to love her dress.

Despite having two boutiques at the moment, do you cater to brides located across the country?

Absolutely! Just this morning I sold a dress to a Finnish lady, and the UK, South Africa and New Zealand is quite popular as well. We try to make it easy for the brides as a company that makes made- to- measure dresses. There are some brides who wouldn’t consider buying a dress online, but there is a growing trend towards scouring the internet for all purchases- including your wedding dress- particularly for the younger generations of brides.

What’s the general process that you follow when a bride comes to see you?

 We discuss the bride’s wedding and her taste. We then dress her in our dresses (we have a sample of each dress in-store for the bride to try on and play around with), whilst accessorizing her with our head pieces, veils or flower pieces. We take photos of our brides and email them so they can see what they looked like. Once a bride orders with us, we send her a measurement chart so we can tailor the dress exactly to her measurements. We keep our brides in the loop of the whole process so they feel comfortable and confident when purchasing with Made with Love. When their dress is finished, we wrap it beautifully with a letter and gift and post it sending the tracking number to their email.

So more specifically, what’s the process for ordering a dress online?

Firstly, we encourage brides to get in contact with us around 6 months before their wedding. Once they’ve chosen their dress, we send out a measurement chart that shows you exactly where to measure on your body in the form of a diagram. Then we start the procedure. We order in the material, we construct the dress, we wrap it beautifully, and we post it off. We send it to them at least two months before the wedding, in case they’re in need of any alterations further down the line- in this instance, we simply recommend they take them to their local dressmaker, seamstress or tailor. Additionally, all of our dresses either have some stretch, or are flowy in design and so not figure-hugging, which means that the fit is one less thing to stress about.

In your experience, what’s the most important factor to brides in terms of their wedding dress?

Aside from wanting to look your best, I’ve noticed brides taking their comfort over the months leading up to their wedding day, as well as the wedding day itself, into consideration. And this applies to both their physical and mental comfort. For example, I’ve had plenty of brides get really excited over the fact that the gown’s flowy material means that it’s more forgiving, and that they don’t have to start dieting in preparation! A lot of brides put a lot of pressure on themselves to look their absolute best, which I feel is a bit silly, because your fiancé wants to see you walking down the aisle. Similarly, I encourage brides to keep to their quintessential ‘look’ on their wedding day so that their personality still shines through- if you normally wear your hair up, keep it up for your wedding day, and if you’re most comfortable sporting a casual look, don’t opt for a high maintenance, glam look that will leave you feeling self-conscious for the entire day.

Apart from brides prioritising their comfort level, most brides tend to want to look and feel ultra- feminine, pretty, and, as much as this term gets a bad rap (whispers), princessy.

How do you plan on expanding the company in the next few years?

We have recently opened a bridal home boutique in Sydney where brides can make appointments to try on our sample dresses. We will soon start a ‘Bridal Boot Camp’ with the best trainers in Australia for our Gold Coast Brides to add to our list of products and services.

For the moment, we’re working hard on simply growing the strong brand identity we’ve developed so far- focusing on bridal dresses and accessories- before we veer off into new territory. Ideally, we want to create a series of boutiques across Australia. Wherever the brand takes us, and we want to ensure the same level of service and commitment we’ve been delivering so far- so expect a very personal journey when you buy our dresses- consider it our complimentary ‘package deal’!

Featured our little video on White Magazine’s Blog

We reckon Made With Love Bridal is the perfect name for this stunning bridal label. Nothing could look this beautiful unless it’s made with love, the true kind, like the sort mum’s put into baking a cake, husbands put into making a meal and children pour into drawing a row of squiggles that represent their family. Check out this simply gorgeous footage of gowns by Roost Film Co so exquisite, they shame the ordinary.

 Interview with Brisbane Wedding Weekly:

Carla Jenkins has spent a long time searching to try and find the perfect wedding dress. So long and hard she has searched, that in the process she started designing wedding dresses and has just launched her very own label – The Unique Bridal Collection. Here is her story…

What inspired this new collection of dresses?

The love of my life proposed to me in February 2013. After all the tears and excitement I started looking for my wedding dress. We went to nearly 10 Bridal Shops on the Gold Coast and Brisbane and could not find one dress that was perfect for me in my price range. I remember feeling very disheartened and thought I would have to get married in a dress that was just not me. I started to research unique wedding dresses on Pinterest, Google and Instagram and got inspiration to start my own Unique Bridal Collection. Made with Love started a Facebook page in April 2013 and before we knew it we had 1000 likes, comments, Facebook messages, orders and requests. I started to get inspiration from wedding dresses I fell in love with and changed the designs to what I thought was more unique. Time flew by and I had designers and dress makers helping me with my first Bridal Collection.

Made with Love caters for all Brides; the classic bride, the hippie bride, the vintage bride and the beach bride. I didn’t want to focus on one style but rather have a range of looks in my first collection. I live by the motto, ‘More is Less’, and you can see this in my designs and photo shoots. I love the natural look and think brides should look like themselves on their wedding day.

How do you go about naming your dresses?

To be honest, all my dresses are named after my sisters and soul sisters. The dress that reminds me of them, gets the name! All my friends and sisters love this and creates a little bit of competition which dress is more popular and gets sold the most! Zahara however was uploaded on Facebook, and our followers named her which I love.

Can you tell us a little more about Made With Love?

Made with love is an online boutique store selling beautiful, affordable, unique wedding dresses, veils and flower crowns. Made with Love always wants to communicate effectively with our Brides and make them feel at ease with buying their wedding dress online. We will always set out prices at an affordable price, as I know how expensive and over whelming weddings can cost. You want to LOVE your wedding dress and feel amazing in it without breaking your budget. Made with Love has just finished designing their second collection that we are SO excited about. We have learnt what our brides love and have kept this in mind when designing our second collection.

Made with Love is small but we are growing slowly and cannot wait to see what the future holds for our little team.

Best advice for brides-to-be when choosing a dress?

Dreaming about my wedding dress began from the early ages of 10!  The time had finally come to shop for wedding dresses with my Mum. We made appointments with many bridal stores on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. I remember feeling very disheartened as all the styles seemed the same to me, no dress was unique or stood out and the price tag was very overwhelming. I began researching online and received inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook – all forms of social media to start my own collection! I started designing a few dresses, found the most amazing dress maker in Sydney, started my own Facebook page, designed my website, styled the photo shoots and before I knew it I had my first collection up and running.

I really do believe in the saying, “less is more” and base all my dresses and designs on this saying. You can see my style through my designs. I always encourage brides to choose a wedding dress that represents them. Your Fiancé wants YOU to walk down the aisle looking like YOU. Not someone else so always keep this in mind when choosing your wedding dress. You want something that you will look back in years to come and still be obsessed with!

Our first collection features wedding dresses for the hippie bride, glamorous bride, classic bride and the timeless vintage bride. When designing the first collection, I did not want to focus on just one of these styles but rather cater for all of these brides. Every bride has different taste and that’s what makes us who we are. Each dress has a specific style and personality. For example, if you are getting married outside in a vintage setting, the Katie lace dress is perfect for that wedding. A beach wedding with no shoes would look beautiful with the Grace, Carolyn or Zahara dress. If I can give advice to all the brides out there the following points would be;

1.  Choose a wedding dress that symbolises you!

2.  Make sure your style suits your wedding theme.

3.  Show off your best features (e.g. if you have curves to die for, show them off and wear the Gabby or Sarah dress!)

4.  Sometimes less is more so try not to overdo it with too many accessories.

5.  If you are obsessed with flower crowns like me, wear a veil walking down the aisle and wear a flower crown for the reception.

All us ladies know what style of dress suits our individual body type. I really encourage brides to stick to a style that represents you and a wedding dress that you feel comfortable in all day. Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life so take your time, don’t stress and enjoy this exciting time!