Our MWL Process

Booking an appointment

We are so excited that you’re booked in for an appointment at one of our boutiques! We do things differently to other bridal labels/boutiques so we thought we’d give you a heads up on our process. Reading this will help you make the right decision when it comes to ordering your Made with Love dress.

Boutique Samples

All of our samples range in size from  6-16. We only have the original design in our boutiques. We don’t offer customisations so if you would like to change anything, you’ll have to do it locally when you receive your dress.

Before your appointment

It is best to do some research to determine which designs you hope to try on. We only offer certain changes for each design, and they can be found online on the page of each design. This way you can come into your appointment knowing exactly which designs you want to try on, making efficient use of the 1 hour appointment!


We make all our dresses to generic sizing. Our consultant will take your measurements and our professional team will work out which sizing option will give you the best fit. We can split sizes if you’re bigger/smaller on the top to the bottom. If the sample fits you well and you’d prefer us to make your dress to those measurements, please put it in your order form. If you send us your measurements, we’ll automatically make the dress to the best fit option. It is your responsibility to let us know you want the sample size when you order.

When to place your order

We ask for 10-12 months’ lead time for your dress. In exceptional cases, we can prioritise your dress. If your wedding is sooner than 10-12 months but you’ve been given an appointment, it means your consultant has checked with our logistics team and we can accept your order if you order within 24 hours of your appointment. If your wedding is approximately six months away, you will need to pay a priority fee, and your order will only be accepted if you order by 4pm on the day of your appointment. We reserve the right to refund your dress if you order after this time.

However, we prefer the longer period and may need to refuse your order if it comes in later than the time allotted.


Full payment is required upfront at the time of placing your order.  We also offer MWL Pay on purchases up to $5000, which allows you to pay in 4 easy installments.  MWL Pay is free and easy to set up with automatic payments taken every 2 weeks.  For more information on MWL Pay, please contact us directly at [email protected]

Fittings and Alterations

Unlike other bridal boutiques, we only allow one consultation appointment per bride. We do not require nor offer fitting appointments. This means that you won’t have to worry about another appointment though; we’ll just courier your dress to you when she’s ready.

Because we make our dresses to your best fit option but not couture/custom-made, you most likely will need alterations when you receive your dress. While we take your hollow to hem and heels into account, the length of your dress may need to be shortened according to your personal preference. We recommend affordable seamstresses local to our boutiques who you’re welcome to contact once you have your dress. Please budget for this.