For a limited time, Lovely Bride NYC will have exclusive offers when you try on and purchase from our current MWL collection. Visiting the boutique between July 12th and July 21st is the perfect opportunity to try on the bridal gown of your dreams! Bookings are essential, so lock in a date now.

Every Made with Love piece is handcrafted with love, prioritizing quality, modernity, and comfort. Our sample dresses are designed to accommodate a wide range of beautiful body types. Lovely Bride’s bridal experience creates a safe and empowering environment where finding the perfect dress becomes a treasured memory. This bridal experience is raved about by brides from all over the country. Lovely Bride NYC is more than a bridal shop. It exists to serve, celebrate, and empower women, carrying out this mission with passion for all, regardless of size, shape, color, orientation, or background. Discover more details below or visit Lovely Bride NYC to experience the bridal magic firsthand.

A Spotlight is a special event where a bridal boutique will go above and beyond to celebrate and offer our MWL girls an incentive. A Spotlight event gives you the perfect opportunity to try on that dress you have been eyeing off with an exclusive offer.

It is very important that you book an appointment for the MWL Spotlight event. All of our stockists require brides to have an appointment. This is to make sure that every single one of our MWL girls is given a great personalised service.