Tamika + Mitch

How did you meet?

Mitch and i met at school, so you could call us high school sweethearts. We have been together for nearly 12 years and have two beautiful children together.

When did you know they were the one? 

When he stuck around after multiple let downs on my behalf. He was a true gentleman and always treated me with respect and was so patient. Every day i spent with Mitch would just feel so great, always going home with a smile on my face. I knew he was the one after we started spending more and more time with one another building up trust, soon enough i couldn’t go more than a few days without seeing him. Our friendship and love grew over the years and we are in a really great place at the moment. We appreciate one another and love to have a great time out with our friends or traveling with the family.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

He is extremely caring of others, always putting his friends and family’s needs first. He brings me back down to earth all the time as he is just so grounded and content. He is also an amazing dad to our two small children.

Who proposed and how?

Mitch proposed to me on our 10 year anniversary. He respectfully asked my grandparents permission a couple of days before he did it which is something i will always be so appreciative of. Again, showing how considerate he is of others. After a few hiccups during the weekend thanks to weather and a toddler, Mitch was struggling to find the ‘perfect’ moment to do it. It seems as though all of his ideas were being shut down and on the night he did it he wanted to go down to the beach before dinner. I sternly told him ‘no way are we heading down there’ as we were already late for our booking. So he nervously sat through dinner desperately searching for the opportunity. After dinner he got down on one knee on the wharf whilst having my daughter pass me the box with the most amazing ring inside. It was perfect.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I found my dress online and I instantly knew it was the dress I wanted. I showed the girls pictures and they agreed said it was ‘so me’. I had been told that I shouldn’t be too hung up on pictures of dresses as you never know how they will look on. Soon after I made an appointment to try on dresses with my two bridesmaids. I instantly felt comfortable and beautiful in the Ryder looking in the mirror it was a very surreal moment. Having the most honest friends with me I knew their opinion would help me decide and sure enough the tears said it all.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

My beautiful children were involved in our wedding and what was special to me was having my little girl Freya there with me getting ready. She also walked down the isle on her own which was such a proud moment for me as her mum. Our wedding party were extremely important to us. They were the friends and family who were always there for us and would do anything for you kind of people. They were OUR people. They ultimately made the day so much fun and i remember just standing back to take it all in and the smiles and enjoyment on their faces said it all. We genuinely all had the best day and night together celebrating love and friendship. It was pretty special for me to have my wonderful Pop walk me down the isle too. The feeling of finally getting married after so much planning was also great. After the ceremony, the nerves had disappeared I was on such a high to spend the day and night celebrating with my husband.

What were your favourite details?

Our wedding location was seriously incredible. Everyone needs to check out Willow & Stone Estate in Ballarat, Vic. The property was ours for the whole weekend which meant we could really soak up our love bubble after the night as husband and wife. The grounds are incredibly beautiful and the staff make you feel like your day is all that matters. I was very excited to see the flowers come together on the day and my wonderful florist Annie from the Refined Bloom Co blew me away, she nailed the brief and I am just so so grateful.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Delegate tasks! The week leading up to the wedding is super stressful. With appointments, last minute purchases and organising its easy to forget things and feel like you just want the wedding to be over. Use your bridesmaids as ultimately they should be those friends who would do anything to help you out don’t feel bad for asking for help. Step back and soak in the night as EVERYONE tells you. The day is over so fast! Enjoy, have fun and don’t stress about the small things, your guests wont notice if the wrong furniture got delivered or something is in the wrong place.

Any standout vendors?

DJ Eddy from one more song certainly knows how to keep your dance floor alive!
Our videographer Steph Clifford blew us away with our wedding video. I would highly recommend sourcing a videographer that you connect with and love their work as its probably our favourite thing we have taken away from the wedding.


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