Sharna + Tommy

How did you meet?

We both went to school together but didn’t properly meet each other until five years after graduating (We were in different year levels.) The first time I really noticed Tommy was at the old PA bar! He had a drink in each hand and was rocking his ginger locks while head-banging to the cover band. I was completely sober but we danced together & had so much fun!

When did you know they were the one? 

I knew he was the one pretty much straight away. I was pretty confident, and even sent him a FB message telling him we were going to get hitched one day… fast forward nearly 7 years and it happened, hahaha! Tommy thought I was friend zoning him hardcore, because what girl is that straight to the point? So, after he realised that I was serious he took me on a date to breakfast & we never looked back.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

Only 3 ? This is going to be hard because Tommy is a truly remarkable human and I love everything about him!
However, for the sake of the question.. I adore Tommy’s calm, kind, relaxed and soft nature.
I love how he makes me feel comfortable and supported, no matter what.
He has the ability to make me laugh, no matter what is going on in our busy lives.
I know that life with him will be full of joy & love… Ahhh, I just love him!

Who proposed and how?

Tommy planned a weekend getaway for my birthday. He didn’t tell me where we were going but we ended up checking into an air BNB at Cabarita Beach, just a short distance away from our little cottage in Currumbin Waters, QLD. He packed some nibbles and drinks in a picnic basket. (This is something not so out of the ordinary for us so I didn’t expect him to propose) . He drove us to Caba headland, we listened to some tunes & we laid on a picnic rug while watching the ocean. At one point I said “This can’t get any better” … but it did. He got down on one knee & asked me to marry him! I was completely in shock! But obvs said YES! I had always joked about him not proposing unless there was a rainbow in the sky. Sure enough, the sky turned it on shortly after our tears and happy dances.. a vibrant orange / red sunset appeared with a RAINBOW… yep. Crazy!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

Before I was engaged I knew I was going to wear River. I will be forever obsessed with the twirl factor! Penny took me by surprise when I tried her on for the first time at MWL, Gold Coast! Her intricate lace detail & cute removable sleeves made my eyes turn love heart shape! Not only were the dresses what I had been dreaming of, they made me feel like an absolute Goddess. I loved having Penny for the ceremony – She’s classy, yet still gave me the vintage boho vibe to match all of the surroundings. River was my party dress – Being able to move & groove (and eat) in her was the BEST! Obsessssssed!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

Ohhh,  there were so many beautiful moments that we will cherish forever! Apart from the exchanging of vows, we have spoken a lot about our entrance into the reception! We came into our gorgeous tipi set up with our nearest and dearest gathered around as we danced to James Brown ‘Get up offa that thing’ being super high energy and fun! Another highlight was when Tommy sang a song he had written especially for me on our big day. It’s called ‘Life is a Honeymoon with you’ – I have listened to it on repeat since. I can’t wait until he records it properly for the world to hear!

What were your favourite details?

I loved creating a DIY wedding! It was a lot of work, but it meant we could create something perfect for us. For months on end I was collecting things from vintage stores & thrift shops that suited the vibe we wanted! Everything was styled so magically & flowed so beautifully. Something I am so glad we had was a naked Tipi accompanying our double tipi set up. The fairy lights along with our twinkling candles created the most magical feel on the night. It’s all about creating a magical vibe for your magical day!

What advice would you tell other brides?

♡Don’t sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the love that you share with your new husband/wife.
♡ The day goes so fast, enjoy every little moment. Tommy & I made a conscious decision to step away for a minute and watch everyone enjoying the night we had been playing for a year. Seeing everyone smiling and enjoying themselves was pure bliss!
♡ Tradition isn’t for everyone! Don’t beat yourself up about not sticking to traditions. Eg. We really struggled with choosing bridesmaids / groomsmen . It felt a lot like Myspace Top friends. Instead of us forcing it we just asked a couple of our oldest friends to get ready with us. So much weight was lifted off of our shoulders after this decision.
♡After the formalities, let your hair down, kick off your shoes & enjoy yourself!
♡ Don’t be scared to allocate jobs / ask for help. It is your one day!
♡ Accept that you probably won’t be able to have an dnm with everyone. They’re not going to be upset. Everyone understands weddings are busy!!
♡ Eat. A lot. Don’t be too busy that you don’t eat!
♡ Sparklers & Confetti – they’re non-negotiables.. we got ours from The Whole Bride – HIGHLY recommend!
♡ Make sure your bus supplies spew bags.. Gross I know, but it’ll save you a lot of worry (& maybe bond money.. hahaha)

Any standout vendors?

We adored all of our gorgeous vendors. Our location was obviously the stand out. There are no words for how perfect GC Farm House was for Toots & I…. however there’s so many who made it even more special!

Gold Coast Tipis absolutely blew us away with their naked tipi & disco ball added to our dance floor! If anyone is considering using them, don’t think twice… just do it! I’m obsessed. Plus the owners are sooo kind.

Music is such a big part of Tommy & my relationship and our friends Jackson & Scotty from Buttered surely did melt everyone’s hearts with their smooth tunes for our ceremony & canapés.

A moment for the cocktails!!! Sir and Shake Mobile bartending took the celebrations to a whole new level with their insanely yummy cocktails. We were able to choose which cocktails we wanted, we chose Lavender Love, Lichee Martini & Mosco Mule. Jordan (The owner) & his staff were all having the best time & Tommy & I absolutely adored having them be apart of our special day!

Our food vendors were next level delicious. Rollingstone Pizza were handing out the best woodier pizzas ever!!! Tommy & I are harsh pizza critics, and we definitely gave them a big nod of approval. & Grazeway, never have I heard more people talk about honeycomb on cheese as much as I did the night of our wedding! haha!!



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Gold Coast Farm House


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Sir and Shake


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