Natalia + Allan

How did you meet?

Allan & I met back in 2013, through a dating website we decided to meet up in person on Valentines Day at a party called Love Sucks. It wasn’t love at first sight with us, we did go on a number of dates before we decided to give it a go and date.

When did you know they were the one?

After about 3 years of us dating, the more serious conversations started, like living together, what we want in the future, where we want to be etc – when we had started having the conversations you then start to wonder is this person the one, could I do life with this person forever? Allan’s values, goals & things to do in the future aligned with mine so seamlessly we realised this was real & something very special!

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

His smile – it’s so contagious, when Al smiles at me or in general it warms my hear & I can’t help but smile.
His empathetic nature – Al is very empathetic towards others & he has taught me to be empathetic towards others as well.
His laugh – it’s one of the best belly laughs anyone could ever hear, it can sometimes even be funnier than the actual joke.

Who proposed and how? 

Allan proposed to me in 2018, in Bath, England
We had originally booked a weekend trip up to Edinburgh in the middle of the lock down break in 2018, the snow was about to start that weekend as well as the Christmas markets, so we thought this would be the best time to visit Edinburgh.
Unfortunately Scotland ended up going back into lockdown so we planned a very last minute trip to bath.
The morning it rained so it was a slow start to the day, but as the day went on it cleared up so we decided to do a full on hike around Bath. We ended off the hike at the Bath lookout point in Alexandra Place which over looked Bath central. It was so beautiful!! Standing at the lookout over the city centre Al got down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of our lives together, of course I said yes!! Ugly crying and all!!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

Halo & Wren boutique
I have been set on a Made With Love dress since before I was even engaged!! Archie was the dress I thought was going to be the one – however when I saw Tommy hanging on the rail I was in love!
I tried on Tommy as well as a couple of other dresses (Harlow, Remi, Louie & Archie) but Tommy had stollen my heart!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

Our first dance, we had practices our first dance for hours.. we really thought we had nailed the dance as we hit the dance floor neither of us could remember our first dance so we just laughed & moved on the floor as best we could with little bursts of laughter when we ended up standing on each others feet.

What were your favourite details?

Our flowers were absolutely beautiful! We are still in complete awe as to how beautiful the flowers ended up coming out.

What advice would you tell other brides?

A wedding planner is a cost which I think should be budgeted for they are so helpful with all communications, quotes, final touches for the day & making sure nothing is missed!
If you are able to have a wedding planner I honestly think getting one such a game changer!


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