Marisa + Matthew

How did you meet?

My husband and I actually went to middle school together. We became friends early in high school and remained friends through college. In the year after college, Matt asked me out for pizza and who wouldn’t say yes to pizza! Our first and second dates ended up being at that dive pizza place and we have been together every since!

Who proposed and how?

I think Matt had been planning our proposal for a lot longer than I thought. I was set to finish my Masters degree in May 2020. We had talked about getting engaged and I may have send more than a handful of ring inspirations to his instagram inbox. When life shut down in March 2020, I kept remember Matt saying that he hoped our plans for our annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard, an island off of Cape Cod, Massachuetts, would not be altered. I kept thinking, of all the things to worry about with COVID, why is he so fixed on this vacation. Matt had somehow purchased my engagement ring during COVID, including paying for it on the sidewalk outside of the Jewelers Building in Boston, MA (a story that would only make sense during COVID times). Flash forward to July 2020, Matt had arranged for our family and closest friends to be on Martha’s Vineyard for our engagement. We arrived on July 4th, which is Matt’s birthday, with my family as we always do. My parents have been vacationing to the island since their own honeymoon 35 years ago. The island has always been special to my family and quickly became Matt’s favorite week of the year once he started traveling there with us when we started dating 7 years ago. Matt proposed on the dock outside of our timeshare on his birthday & Independence Day holiday with our parents watching.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I shopped at VOWS Bridal in Watertown, Massachusetts as my second stop for dress shopping. I had determined that I wanted a non-lace, solid-white dress for a timeless look. I began sifting through the racks with my sister and carefully skipped over all lace options. When I grabbed about 6 dresses (the amount the store suggests), the lace of Scottie V2 caught my eye. I looked at my sister and remarked how pretty the fabric is. She asked if I wanted to try it on and I said no because of the “non-lace” look I had determined. She said ok and we began to head for the dressing room. I took 2 steps, turned back around, grabbed Scottie V2 and brought her with me. From the moment I put her on, the detailing of her was something I knew I would regret if I chose to give her up. I was initially torn between Scottie V2 and Ryder Crepe. After excellent advise of our stylist and Assistant Manager, Mandy, I felt my best in Scottie V2. Of the almost two-dozen dresses I tried on in total during wedding dress shopping, I had a hard time finding dresses that fit me. I am petite, but I also have a short waist. Often bridal styles do not fit me correctly because the waist does not hit right and the bust is typically too big for the dress I measure into. Made with Love was the best fit I found out of any dress! And I never would have dreamed feeling as confident as I did in it on our wedding day!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

My favorite moments of our wedding all involve the few quick moments of just my husband and I. Our church ceremony will forever be the most special moments of our lives. There is no better feeling than declaring our forever love for each other surrounded by the love of our family and friends. I also loved the moment of us walking into the reception as husband and wife. The momentum was high and we were ready to celebrate!! My dress was also bustled, photos were complete, and we were ready to dance the night away!

What advice would you tell other brides?

When it comes to your dress, take a moment to find a dress that you feel confident in. I was really torn between Ryder Crepe and Scottie V2. Ryder fit my vision perfectly, but there was a confidence I felt in Scottie V2. There is so much pressure to “look your best” on your wedding day, but really it is about feeling your best. My stylist shared great insight that when it is your big day, the last thing you want weighing on your mind is insecure thoughts. I am so pleased I followed this advice because it was absolutely what I needed to hear and follow. I felt amazing all night in my dress and I also look back on the photos not only loving how they look but also remember how good I felt in them!

Any standout vendors?

Our photographer is beyond worth mentioning. Where do you begin with Kelly Dillon Photography?! Kelly was the first vendor we booked and we couldn’t have asked for a better first pick. From our first phone call it was clear that Kelly was a true professional with strong expertise and insight but also incredibly warm and personable. We had the pleasure of meeting Kelly at our engagement photo session in Plymouth and we left even more excited for our wedding day because we knew how much more time we would get to spend with Kelly. Leading up to the wedding day, Kelly planned our entire timeline seamlessly with every detail accounted for. On our wedding day, Kelly was timely and lead our very large bridal party while also being warm and friendly to all. Both of our families commented after how much they enjoyed having her with us for 8+ hours of the day! Beyond what a pleasure it was to work with her, Kelly’s work is the beyond measure! Our photos are dream-worthy! We still cannot believe they are ours! Walking through our album, we truly felt like each moment, big & small, was captured and we now get to relive them again and again. Thank you Kelly for absolutely everything! We cannot wait to work with you again for our family someday


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