Maria + Simon

How did you meet?

The first time we meet, was in the train. We both lived not far away from each other, so we where at the same train, traveling back home from work/school. I already knew Simon from the gym and the place next to him was free. So I really wanted to grab the chance and finally talk to him. I set down next to him, but no reaction. Really no reaction the whole ride. He kept continuing listen to his music and ignored me. After that we met sometimes at the gym and finally he started talking to me, but only as a friend not more. Over all the years we stayed in touch and we both followed our own ways. 15 years later since the first met, he married me. And I really could not be happier, due all over this time I really had a crush on him.

When did you know they were the one?

Simon is really a special person. He is very sensitive and calm. Always there for me and supports me in every way, especially in sports activities. We are a really good team and supports each other. I think that I knew from the beginning when we first met, that he is the one for me and I was right.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

– Calm
– Ambitious, especially in sport activities
– Very supportive

Who proposed and how?

Simon proposed. We went hiking in the Bavarian alps. We do a lot of hiking in summer and this special mountain which is called “Schellschlicht” was one of the exciting tours we did. Simon actually wanted to propose at the summit, but when he realized how much concentration the departure would take, we went continuing hiking down. When the path was safe enough, he went around , dropped on his knees and asked me the question of all questions. And I responded of course with YES!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

First I was searched online, which style I would like to wear on my wedding and I definitely wanted to be elegant and sexy at the same time. So I found on Pinterest a picture of a dress, which I really liked. At that time I didn’t even know about Made with Love. So I kept searching to find a label, with kind of this dresses I liked. Someday I found out about #mwl and the iconic Archie dress was completely on my mind. I searched for retailers in Germany. So luckily the bride store only 15km away from my home had the iconic Archie on they website and made an appointment. I really wanted that dress and I knew it would fit to me. I also tried some other dresses and other #mwl dresses as well, but when the last one was on, to try on, I definitely felt it, that that’s my dress! I was finished in 20 minutes because I really saw me only in the #mwlarchie!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

One of the best moments of course was, when I saw Simon in his stunning black smoking. Very classy and very sexy and I thought “oh wow, I am really going to marry him”. We really didn’t have any high expectations on our wedding, we both just wanted to have a really good time and big party with our guests. And it was a blast!

What were your favourite details? 

My favorite detail was the guest gifts, which a had created and made by myself. I made personalized little praline boxes and the pralines where made by a good friend of mine.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Not trying to plan everything to be super perfect. Enjoy this beautiful day, have a good drink and let the day just happened. For instance Simon and I totally have forgotten to say our vows to each other during the ceremony. In the end we just had a longer kiss instead.

Any standout vendors?

We had a open wedding ceremony. The speech was very personal, because the input came from friends and family who knows best of us. This speech was created by Stefan Klebensberger.
Also we had a super band called “Gewekiner Baum + Madl” a Bavarian young band. They really know how to bring people on the dance floor.




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