Lune + Lennert

How did you meet?

On a party through mutual friends

When did you know they were the one?

It was love at first sight – we were officially together after 1 month

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

He is always there for me
He is the smartest man I know
He can always make me smile

Who proposed and how?

We have been together for more than 12 years. He proposed to me on the day we were 10 years together on the exact same spot where he asked me to be his girlfriend 10 years earlier. Afterwards we had dinner and stayed in a nice hotel in the city.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I saw it on the MWL Instagram page. I started looking for stores that sell MWL and that’s how the search started. At that moment the dress was a new model and was not in stock yet, so I first fitted 25 other dresses in 4 different stores. The dress I saw on Instagram, got stuck in my head and no other dress was as beautiful as the one. At the time the dress became available, all stores where closed because of COVID and I ordered the dress without trying it out first. I took my own measurements and video called with the store to discover all details of the dress. So happy I made this choice! Still very happy with the dress. It fitted perfectly!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

The party was the best I ever had!

Any standout vendors?

Forever Soles for the best wedding shoes






Touch of Blush


Hilde Lenaerts


Atelier Stek


Wild At Heart