Kimberly + Gambull

How did you meet?

We actually went to high school together, but never really knew much about each other. Like all good love stories start… we ran into each other out at a bar during a friends 21st birthday party. Let’s just say the rest is history… ๐Ÿ˜‰

When did you know they were the one?

After running into each other at the birthday party, we didn’t dive into any type of relationship right away. We began to mesh our friend groups together and starting seeing each other around a lot more. We decided to drive to Sacramento with a bunch of our friends for a Chainsmokers concert. The song “closer” had just come out and I remember us singing it to each other at the top of our lungs… it was in that moment I knew that I definitely didn’t want to just be his friend anymore! Safe to say he felt the same because before we even got back from the trip he asked me to be his girlfriend ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

I love his honesty. He wears his heart on his sleeve and never makes me second guess him
I love his humor. He is unapologetically himself and makes me laugh all the time
I love his comforting charisma. He has a way of making every person feel like the most important person in the room. Its a very beautiful thing!

Who proposed and how?

My family has a house on the coast of California that has passed through a few generations. We often go there on the weekends just to relax and spend time with family. One weekend in particular we were going over there for no special occasion.. (or so I thought).
He secretly invited all of our friends and family over to the house for the weekend without me knowing. On a sunny afternoon, he ushered me out to the back deck which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. He started sweet talking me and then suddenly said “wait what’s that?” As I turn around facing the ocean, I see a plane fly by that reads “Kimmy, I love you…” As I turn back around he is on one knee asking me to marry him. It was an actual FAIRYTALE! When I said yes and finally looked up, all of our friends and family were on the upper deck cheering for us! We got to party the night away with all of our favorite people and it was truly the BEST day ever.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I originally saw the Archie on Pinterest and just about died. I knew I would be having beach wedding and the simplicity of the Archie was exactly what I had envisioned. I loved the Archie because it really shows that less is more. It is a timeless dress that I know I will be swooning over forever. The Archie is just a show stopper in itself, I have never felt more beautiful!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?ย 

My husband requested we change our first dance song the day before the wedding to another song we had been considering. I was a little bummed because the song we were planning to dance to had a lot of sentimental meaning to the two of us and just felt so perfect. I ended up agreeing to the song switch because it seemed like it was really important to my husband. About halfway through our reception, after all the dances and speeches had finished, I was suddenly ushered over to a chair in the middle of the dance floor. Feeling very confused, I had no idea why I was sitting here… Suddenly I hear our original first dance song playing over the speakers, but being sung by my husband. He had secretly been planning to serenade me during our reception for months and I had no idea! He sang the whole song the me and made me feel like the I was the only girl in the room. It truly was a moment I will never forget.

What were your favorite details?

My flowers were everything I had wanted and more. My vision was for it to feel slightly tropical, but still elegant and romantic. We had some pampas and orchids mixed with monstera leaves and then rose petals down the aisle to add that special touch. I also loved my custom gloves that had part of our vows stitched across the knuckles, and a small blue G initial on my inner wrist as a tribute to my Husband for my “something blue.” Lastly, our Golden doodle was our flower girl and it was the sweetest ever watching her run down the aisle to my husband!

What advice would you tell other brides?

Do a first look! I cannot stress enough how much the day flies by and that alone time with your husband may be the only alone time you get with him all day. During our first look we hugged, cried, enjoyed each others company and let the comfort of one another relieve any nerves we had going into the ceremony. It really helped remind us we were in this together ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, don’t let the fear of talking in front of others keep you from saying personal vows during your ceremony. Once you are up there, the rest of the world disappears. Sayin your own vow gives everyone else at the wedding to see a glimpse of the love between the two of you and it really it sooo beautiful.

Any standout vendors?

We got married in San Luis Obispo County and I would use every one of these vendors again! All Fantastic!

Wedding planner- @shelliarmstrongevents
Photo & videography- @ reveriephotoandfilms
Florals- @fluidbloom
DJ & lighting- @haroentertainment
Desserts- @onebiteortwo
Rentals- @allaboutevents
Draping- @flowersbykim
Linens- @thelinenshoppetls
Event signage- @craneanrcloverco
Violinist- @danielmorrismusic
rentals [email protected]
marquee letters – @alphalitcentralcoast
Guest book – @afterthetone
Photobooth [email protected]




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