Julia + Pete

How did you meet?

Our love story began at the University of New Hampshire with short glances at one another during Freshmen year English class. Whether it was the relaxed atmosphere of UNH, the seasonal apple cider donuts, or maybe it was Pete’s ability to choose the upmost first romantic movies like Edward Scissorhands, we began to fall in love during the fall of our senior year.

One evening, after several months of dating, in the Durham Marketplace parking lot I blurted out to Pete that I loved him and only after laughing because of how flustered I was, Pete responded “I love you too… are you going to finish your ice cream?”.

After that, we did “long-distance” for 2 years while I was at UMass Amherst for graduate school and Pete was in Boston, mind you our definition of long distance was a whopping two hours (and that’s with traffic). I then joined Pete and our dog Maggie in Boston where we have continued to share countless memories with family and friends for the past 5 years.

When did you know they were the one?

I wish I could say it was after our first date but… Pete ended up having his roommate Justin tag along at the last minute due to pre-first date nerves. I’d say I knew Pete was the one after spending Christmas Eve with him and his family at Grandma Pearl’s house. Being a part of the Feast of The Seven Fishes was such a beautiful memory that I am so grateful for.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

– Beyond humble
– Truly wants the best for everyone else and will support them until they reach every goal on their list (both short and long-term)
– Quick with a joke – there hasn’t been a day where he hasn’t made me laugh

Who proposed and how?

Pete proposed on February 6th on Cape Cod. We went for a walk with our dog Maggie on the beach we spend most weekends in the Summer at. We traded in our normal order of one Pina Colada and one glass of Rose on the beach for some celebratory bubbles that day.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I was at Vows in Watertown when I saw the Louie Fitted. The second I put it on I was in love. It was elegant, FUN, airy, dreamy, and the petal detailing made it so unique which I loved.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

Our guests.

Our friends have loved us both individually and as a couple from the first days of kindergarten through graduate school and every phase of life in between. They have supported us through the awkward stages, the challenging times, and the most exciting of celebrations. We love them all more than they could ever know.

Our family members mean the world to us. We have stuck together through difficult times and have grown stronger with each and every “speed bump” that comes our way. Each one of them is forever loved by us.

We are beyond fortunate to have so many beautiful friends and family members in our lives. With many and I of our guests being workers within healthcare we recognize the impact that COVID had on so many couples special days. We realize that we are fortunate enough to have been able to have the wedding of our dreams surrounded by our loved ones. We know how lucky we are for that, and we are really so forever grateful.

What were your favourite details? 

– I am the oldest of four and Pete is in the middle of six. We LOVED being able to just have siblings as our wedding party – while it can be slightly chaotic having eight siblings amongst the two of us – it’s a beautiful type of chaos.

– Mancuso hand-made stained-glass sign above the fireplace in the ballroom – Pete’s grandparents had received it as a wedding gift and with Pete being the only Mancuso son it was then handed-down to him. It normally hangs in our dining room so having it be a part of our evening was really special.

– During our ceremony we watered a Rosemary plant that Pete’s great grandmother had snuck from Italy to the United States.

– We had two electronic picture frames (one had friends photos from over the years and one had family photos from over the years). We set one up at each bar so our guests could see the memories that have been created throughout the years with all the people we love most.

What advice would you tell other brides?

– Take a minute with your partner after the ceremony for 15 minutes – take- in what just happened, toast to each other, enjoy some passed appetizers alone and just breathe – the excitement has just begun!!

– There will be a lot of advice that comes from your way starting right after you share the news of your engagement – take it all in BUT at the end of the day choose what you and your partner envision – it’s your day!

– Don’t choose every detail – allow there to be room for surprises! For our flowers we sent the florist some ideas we had and then let them work their magic. We didn’t choose the exact flowers we wanted, and we didn’t receive any samples. They are the experts!! When we received our bouquets and saw our centerpieces, we were not only surprised but so happy with them!

Any standout vendors?

Photographer: Lindsay Connors (IG: @lindsay.connors)
Videographer: Willow Tree Films (IG: @willowtreefilms)
Design Company/Florist: Carbotti Experiences (IG: @carbottiexperiences)
Band: Groove Authority (IG: @grooveauthority)
Hair: Sharon DeCosta (IG: @revivesalonri)
Makeup: Mary Cadmus (IG: @Mindfullyenhanced)




Lindsay Connors


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