Jessica + Stefano

How did you meet?

We were good friends in high school but lost touch after. So in my 20s I dated someone else for years and he did his thing and we never really ran into each other. But yet every few years he would email me and ask me how I was. At age 29 I was at the gym and so was he, first time we had seen each other in years and he asked me out. I said no because I was scared to jump back into another relationship but he persisted and asked me every week until I said yes as friends. And you know the rest now lol

When did you know they were the one?

After dating a few weeks all the signs showed me he was the one for me. Just the way he treated me, respected me, always put me first, the way he made time for me. I just never was treated that way before. Being someone’s priority. Not an option. I just fell in love with who he was. I felt like we were kids in class together again. Always having fun even if we’re just doing nothing.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

Three is hard . There are so many… He is so family oriented which I love, so hard working and extremely funny.

Who proposed and how?

Stefano proposed. He had this whole thing planned in March 2020. We booked a beautiful trip to Curaçao and he was going to propose to me on the beach (which wow just a dream and I only found this out later). But Covid happened and it shifted his plan so he hid the ring in the house hoping it was gonna go away quickly . In April once he saw it wasn’t going away
We were in our pjs one early morning and I was just sad cuz I didn’t know when I was going back to work and why this was happening, panicking about all the plans we made . And he went downstairs while I was sitting in the kitchen sobbing l to get the ring came to me bend down on one knee and said “ this wasn’t the plan but I just want to make you happy today and always” .
It wasn’t the beach, but it was perfect.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I followed Made with Love for awhile now! I researched where I can find them in Montreal and I saw this boutique in Laval called Dress Scoop that had some of your dresses. The first day we went I tried every single one she had. Harlow was maybe my 4th one and there was something about it. Elegant, sexy but not too sexy. Simple, classy. Went back a second time to try and yup that was it!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

There were sooooo many amazing moments. But at the top of that aisle when I saw Stefano at the end. I knew this was real, and just the beginning . And when his ring didn’t fit when we were saying our I dos during the ceremony and how funny it was how he had to lick his finger and everyone just laughed loudly. We loved it. Because that’s us … silly, clumsy lol

What were your favourite details? 

I guess all the funny moments. Like getting the bouquet stuck on the ceiling. And dancing all night with Stefano and our friends and family. I loved our décor (the romantic candlelight, the greenery). I loved how Stefanos sister married us and how she said our whole story during the ceremony. My parents and his so happy!

What advice would you tell other brides?

I would say to just live in the moment. And just dance all night. Things won’t go as planned or be perfect. But it’s ok . Just look at it as you can’t control everything and it’s ok. What’s important is you two and the new chapter your starting.

Any standout vendors?

L’Orangerie Photographie (photographer)
Dresscoop (dress) and Made with Love Bridal
Gentile venue (our venue and food)
Club Oumo (Stefanos suit)
Efflorescence Events (Flowers and décor)
Loeffler Randall (wedding shoes)
Pierino (gelato bar)
Taste of Italy (pizza station)




L’Orangerie Photographie


Dress Scoop