Grace + Peter

How did you meet?

Pete and Grace met at work in 2016 however it wasn’t until the February of the following year that we (at this point, it was actually just Grace) thought we would be anything more than colleagues. We had even swiped left at each other on tinder, however cupid had other plans.. We had been sent away on a work trip which involved customer entertainment, an overnight stay and a fair bit of alcohol. This resulted in us spending 5 hours sat outside Grace’s hotel room talking the night away – it was at this point Grace knew that Pete was the one!

When did you know they were the one? 

It did however take a little bit of time, endless hours now spent getting ready for work and some strategic group work for Grace to convince Pete that he should take her out but it is safe to say .. the rest is history!

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

Both of us did speeches on the day so we thought we would share with you the words we shared with our friends and families on the day about each other:

Grace to Pete: After a single night spent talking to you, I understood what people meant when they said it was possible to fall in love instantly. You are the most inspiring person, a human walking talking library, the most unconditionally generous and kind person I have ever met.

Pete to Grace Throughout our relationship I have never ceased to be amazed by what a kind, loving, caring, attentive, funny and happy person Grace is. Grace is the most loyal of friends, the person who is most happy for any of her loved ones successes, someone who burns hot but like paper and always wants to make up with a hug (and sometimes a few tears). The way that Grace is with her family has taught me how to appreciate mine more, the way she I with her friends has taught me how to appreciate mine more and her spirit resonates through all that she does.

Who proposed and how?

Pete proposed on Grace’s birthday in 2021! We were in the process of moving house and were living at that time with Grace’s parents.
In between the celebrations on the day Pete told Grace she needed to sign some paperwork for the house and advised her to get the papers from one of the packing boxes.
After some deliberation around why Pete couldn’t have got the papers out the box or why it had to be done immediately, Grace obliged.
In removing one of Pete’s jackets from the box, a Tiffany ring box fell to the bottom. In disbelief that such an accident could have occurred Grace turned to Pete who nodded, picked her up and asked ‘Will you marry me?’

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

Made With Love was the 7th and final dress shop appointment that Grace had visited with her Mum and Sister. Having finished a morning appointment somewhere else the stress of finding a dress was becoming real. As we left that appointment Grace’s mum turned to her and said ‘Don’t worry, if you don’t find something, we will just get something made.’

We walked into the MWL London showroom and were all overwhelmed by the showroom itself, it is beautiful. We were offered a drink, something most places weren’t doing due to covid and instantly we felt like relieved that finally we were experiencing what we all thought wedding dress shopping would be like!

We sat down with Tove who went through the dresses I had preselected, I looked over her shoulder, pointed to the Mila Crepe and said ‘is that on my list?’ As it had just launched, it hadn’t been on the website but I was allowed to try her on anyway, thank the lord! I put her on first and didn’t ever want to take her off! I had no preset ideas of what I wanted from a dress but she gave me the feeling that everyone had been telling me to wait for.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

We couldn’t pick out a single moment but there are some big moments that stand out for us.
The moment the doors opened and we saw each other as the ceremony started.
The moment they pronounced us husband and wife.
All the speeches!
The food, The wine!
The moment we both woke up the next day and realised that it hadn’t been a dream!

What were your favourite details?

The Flowers, they were overwhelming. They looked amazing, they smelt amazing. They transformed the venue.
We had a string quartet with vocals for our ceremony and drinks reception – they were phenomenal.
Grace hand stitched (with the help of her sister) everyones names on to their napkins.
Our wedding favours were bits of pottery that had been made, glazed and personalised with our names by a family friend.
The PJ’s that Grace and her bridesmaids wore were custom made in a bespoke design by her friend Florence who runs India By Florence.

What advice would you tell other brides?

If you haven’t got your dress yet, to go to a MWL showroom, if only for the experience and to see how truly stunning they are.
If you have and your big day is approaching I’d say, It’s not going to be perfect, there will be things that get forgotten and things that go wrong. Don’t lose sight of the reason the wedding is happening and remember that regardless of any single detail, you will be surrounded by people who love you, are there to celebrate you and only want you to have the best day of your lives!

“There is no enjoying the possession of anything valuable unless one has someone to share it with”.

Any standout vendors?

They were all fantastic but the three that blew us away are
Our florist – he was amazing
The strings – just beautiful
Our photographers – they made the whole process easy, fun and enjoyable and the pictures are amazing – we can’t believe they’re of us!


Mila Crepe


Urban Photo Lab 


Made with Love London Boutique