Demi + Jamie

How did you meet?

We met on a Contiki tour in London in 2015. We realized during our first conversation on the first morning on the bus that we both only lived an hour away from each other in South Australia. We clicked straight away and spent 3 weeks together 24/7 on the Contiki inseparable from the second we met. We became the “ Contiki couple” of the trip and arrived back in Australia a week after each other. First weekend we were both back in Adelaide we met up and become an “official” couple.

When did you know they were the one? 

I had a solo room while on Contiki and he was sharing with 2 roommates. We were staying in a hotel in Switzerland that was an old converted ex jail and was supposedly haunted. I was petrified to sleep there and he had offered to stay with me at nights (smooth I know haha) so he knew the code to get into my room. I was in the shower one afternoon when I heard the door click open and close and I thought someone was breaking in. When I got out the shower and dressed I walked out the bathroom and he was sitting on the bed using my phone charger , putting photos of our adventures from the day on Facebook and and googling places for us to go to dinner. I felt like an old married couple living together. We had only known each other 2 weeks but it felt so normal and natural to have him letting himself in and out of the room and I felt so comfortable with him. I knew in that moment that he was the one. We had spent the last 2 weeks together exploring the most beautiful places in the world together and I felt like I’d known him forever.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

Caring/big heart

Who proposed and how?

We were traveling to Bali and were sharing a suitcase and backpack. He was so nervous about the backpack going through the security scanner on the trip over and wouldn’t let me carry it. When we got to Bali he kept trying to check in early and making excuses to go to the room without me so he could put the ring on the bed with rose petals. I was oblivious and kept insisting I went with him. After many failed attempts to get into the room without me he went to plan B and while I was unpacking my suitcase he put the ring box in the suitcase and when I turned around to get the next item out the suitcase there it was sitting on top. I turned around and he was pouring us wines.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

We had planned a Greece wedding so I wanted something with wow factor but something light and fun. I went into the MWL boutique with my mum and maid of honour and the first dress I tried on was Scottie. That was the first wedding dress I had EVER tried on. As soon as I put it on I felt like nothing would ever compare. My mum was speechless and that was enough for me. I tried on multiple other dresses at MWL and other dress boutiques but nothing ever compared. Scottie was the first and last wedding dress I ever wore.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

My Dad walking me down the aisle and my mum and brother walking our fur baby Tex down the aisle so he could be there with us when we said I do! Also driving to the photo location after the ceremony we drove past some old warehouses with heats and love notes written in the dust on the windows. We stopped and got some photos just for fun. They ended up being some of my favorite photos of the day

What were your favourite details?

Enjoying the 3 hour gap between photos and reception with our bridal party, siblings and parents at our Airbnb overlooking the beach eating a picnic on the balcony, drinking and singing along to mamma Mia that coincidently happened to be playing on tv. Dancing with our family and friends under the fairy lights at the reception.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Don’t stress the small stuff. All that matters is you have the best time ever with the most important person, your partner. Guests don’t notice or remember that the flowers were the wrong shade of pink or the chairs didn’t match the table. Guests remember and notice that you looked so happy and that you both looked so in love.

Any standout vendors?

We planned our wedding last min in 2020 during Covid lock downs and restrictions. Both the ceremony and reception venues went above and beyond to help us during this stressful time.

I work at a childcare center and we have many talented parents. I had one of the mums as our florist as she had started a floristry business earlier in the year and had been heavily affected by Covid.

One of the dads is a very talented photographer and had started a business doing wedding photography but Covid had shut it down. He was out photographer for the day/night




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