Chantelle + Jaye

How did you meet?

In usual school night style, I went on an impromptu sleepover to my best friends house. During the sleepover festivities, My friends mum had offered for us to go to a River Fire party they were attending that night. Initially we thought that was a terrible idea, however with the promise of dancing and people our age, we soon decided it was a more appealing. On arrival we said hello and made our way to a very comfortable couch in the lounge room. Soon the hustle of several footsteps emerged from the adjacent room. It was a group of young, giggly boys who looked like they had been partying from the crack of dawn, which turns out they had. I had noticed Jaye straight away, thanks to his similarities to my favourite Twilight star however Jaye initiated small talk. To this day I am not sure if it was the shyness or the partying that led him to say three sentences all night. Regardless I was head over heels for this boy. To this day, 7 years later, we have not went a day without speaking.

When did you know they were the one?

The night that we met. I instantly knew this was someone who I had to have in my life. He radiated such an energy that was all consuming. These feelings were concreted after our first date and the birth of our daughter many years later.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

I love so many things about Jaye, however I have three favourites. Firstly I love his childish nature. Being able to giggle and be silly with someone is such a gift. Secondly I love his smile. It radiates so much joy. Thirdly, his determination. He works so incredibly hard and I truly admire that.

Who proposed and how?

Jaye proposed!
He took me on a gorgeous weekend away to celebrate the new year. We were in a stunning house overlooking the water at sunset when he bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him. All our dearest friends were there and it was a magical moment.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I first stumbled upon my gorgeous Harlow dress when scrolling through Instagram. I was feeling very disheartened seeing millions of dresses online but not finding one that spoke to me. All of a sudden I saw Made with Love Bridal pop up and there she was !!! I later realised a friend had sent me this exact dress too!

I immediately booked an appointment to the Gold Coast store where I tried her on. WOW she was stunning and everything I had ever dreamed. That was my dress.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

The best moment for me was when my two year old daughter walked up during the ceremony and began fixing my train. Jaye and I both laughed and we all shared such a gorgeous moment. She continued to do this all night ever so gently. It was absolutely gorgeous.

What were your favourite details? 

My favourite detail was the back of my dress! The way to dress plunged with the gorgeous belt, made me feel so beautiful.

I also loved my hair and makeup! I thought it complemented the dress so well. The flowers and cake were stunning as well as the venue. I loved everything!

What advice would you tell other brides?

Have fun! Things will never go exactly to plan so have fun and let everything flow. This will make sure you have the most amazing night. Also have a big breakfast before all the nerves kick in!

Any standout vendors?

All of them!

Summergrove Estate staff were absolutely incredible. They went above and beyond with service. Our florist, celebrant (Trish Thomas), makeup and hair artists were absolutely amazing. We had the most stunning cake (Little Sprinkle Co) and everyone just had such a great energy!


Harlow V2


Kerri McAuley


Made with Love Gold Coast Boutique