Ashleigh + Richard

How did you meet?

My husband and I originally met 3 years before our first date on a dating website. It took me a little while to finally agree to going on a first date with him (roughly 3 years in fact) but once I did I knew that he was worth the wait and we were inseparable ever since.

When did you know they were the one?

I just knew by the way I felt around him! I knew my heart was safe, he kept me calm and bought me back down whenever I got all anxious or nervous about anything.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

His kindness / generosity (I’m cheating that counts as 1).
The way he loves family it’s such a big important thing in his and my life.
And I love that we both share the same goals we both want the same thing and that feels pretty rare if I’m being honest.

Who proposed and how?

His whole plans for a magical beach proposal went out the window with how horrible the weather was looking that morning. (He had already planned a big family lunch for after I said yes)

So he got up and cooked us a big breakfast and I was ready to get into the house work when I heard him call out to me. I’ve walked back into the lounge room and could see him standing in the hallway holding his hands behind his back (little did he know he was right in front of the big mirror and all I could see was a big purple box in his hands) with a big cheeky grin on his face he got down on one knee right there in our lounge room (mind you he was post knee surgery) and asked me to marry him! The whole thing was a blur I just remember crying for 10 minutes and FaceTiming our parents. Then there was a big celebration to go to at my parents house he had organised! He knew I would want to be with my family and knew if he proposed the following weekend (on our 1 year anniversary) that I would have wanted the family to be there celebrating with us.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

Less than two weeks before my wedding!!! I can honestly say wedding planning was the most stress I’ve ever had and I was feeling sad and had fallen out of love with the dress I had purchased two years ago when I stumbled across an add on Facebook saying that MWL have ready made off the rack dresses! I instantly looked to see what they had in my size range and I sent the bridesmaids the picture of Hendrix and I knew she was one!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could pull off a dress like that with my body but when she was on I finally felt beautiful again (after my rough wedding dress journey).

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

Honestly it was the part I was dreading the most the first dance!! My partner and I aren’t huge dancers but it was sooo so so beautiful we had all our guests gather outside and form a circle with sparklers and we danced (to my partners surprise) to Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga. Even though we were surrounded by our loved ones it was purely just me and him in that moment holding each other, I was holding back the tears and just enjoying every minute with my husband. Lucky we had practiced a few dips and tricks the week before the wedding. The photographers really captured how special the dance was to me and one of my favourite photos is of that moment.

What were your favourite details? 

PINK!! Everything was pink!! I loved my flowers! My florist worked so well to get me an arrangement of pinks, blush and white tone flowers that beautifully complimented my bridesmaid dresses and then the makeup also. I feel the whole colour palette is my favourite detail!!

What advice would you tell other brides?

Define your style and refine!! Less is more!! Don’t go overboard with too many little things! Let you being in your dress be the big statement!

Any standout vendors?

Lauren Joy Photography was an absolute godsend! I’ve told her personally how I never felt so truly understood by a complete stranger, she just got me and made sure I was her pure focus for the day.

I must also say Hayley from spray tan was a literal step in therapist for me since my trial spray tan to right up to the wedding day she was checking in on me! Knew the dramas I was having and what I was going through. She was amazing and the spray tan was perfect!! Even comes to your house




Lauren Joy Photography


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