Alexandra + Thomas

How did you meet?

We met back in 2012, however, we didn’t interact much more than Tom beating me (and my team) at a National University Sports Competition. We re-met in 2018, but beyond talking about and spending time with mutual friends, nothing more eventuated as we were both in relationships. Fast forward to early 2019 and both our relationships faded out and we connected. It definitely caused a lot of drama, but when you know, you know and as they say, the rest is history!

When did you know they were the one? 

Pretty early on for both of us. We really are best mates, as cliche as it sounds! We love (most of) the same things – except the same footy team and I’m not as obsessed with growing the lawn! We just get a long, we laugh and we have a great time. We are so lucky to have that.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

He is so caring, of everyone. He has incredible work ethic. He’s an amazing Dad (the play on the floor with the kid pretending to be a horse life is not for me, but it’s soooo for him!)

Who proposed and how?

Tom proposed to me when I was 8 months pregnant… at a winery! It was such a fun day, he’d set us up on a scavenger hunt picnic with clues around the beautiful Barossa Valley region. He kept talking about bridges and acting a bit weird towards the end of the day. We sat down in a field (although not his initial plan) to have our picnic and set up the phone for a selfie – as he sat down, he was breathing very heavily and I thought to myself ‘umm, this bloke is a bit unfit being so puffed after walking 10 metres.’ On the third photo, he said ‘get a picture of this’ and I turned to him holding the ring box (upside down!!!) He asked and I said yes!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I had been to sooo many shops, even gone inter-state to find ‘the one’. I kept going back to MWL and just being so in love with Lola on all of the beautiful MWL Girls on insta and the website. I really wanted a dress that was classic, fun and stood out from the ordinary. I went to Adelaide Bridal Boutique with my Mum, sister and bub hoping to find something – as I stood outside I pointed to Lola and said to my sister ‘the sparkly one, that’s my girl, I have to try it on!’
When I had said ‘yes’, we were celebrating with a glass of bubbles and a lady walked past the store, knocked on the window an gave me a huge thumbs up and clap – if a complete random off the street thought it looked good, well that was definitely enough for me!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

There’s so many – like seeing our at the time 14 month old son in his tux and delivering us our rings and also all of the incredible speeches – my Dad absolutely stole the show!
However, we had been through so many lockdowns and rule changes in South Australia. We had to reduce our guest list by 60 people at the start of the year which was really horrible! Heading in to the wedding, dancing and vertical drinking was banned, but as we were setting up on the Thursday before our Saturday Wedding, we got a call that a friend had seen an article that the rules had changed – we could eat, drink and dance! It was such an amazing relief.
So my favourite part would be when we entered the reception, everyone was up dancing at their seats and our whole bridal party went completely all in with us, having a dance and going all out. It was completely unplanned and just such a vibe!

What were your favourite details?

My amazing bridesmaids helped me set everything up. The theme was modern minimalist, mostly white with some black and greenery. We used olive leaf from friends backyards, Tom’s Dad and Step Mum’s in Victoria and my parent’s neighbours. We used so many candles and created a really simple but moody vibe – I didn’t want to over-do it but also didn’t want too little.
I had my Dad’s cousin lovingly embroidered ribbons for the bridesmaids hair (and my post veil look), pocket squares for the groomsman and our dads and handkerchiefs for our mums. These little personalisations will mean a lot when we look back in years to come.

I also loved the way we did the seating charts – inside the program, so everyone knew exactly where they were going, without waiting at a sign / causing a hold up in a stairwell!
Lastly, we gave out ‘prescription hangover kits’ – it was lots of fun to put them together and see everyone take home a little something!

What advice would you tell other brides?

Planning a wedding can be all consuming. For me, my now hubby wasn’t interested in the planning – most of the decisions were up to me, so I leant on my bridesmaids at times for their opinions and ideas. For the most part, though, I knew my vision and embraced that. My best advice would be to go with the flow – we had so many dramas with vendors and , trust the process and just enjoy the day! Try to put others opinions aside and just focus on what it’s all about – you and your partner, being in love and throwing a big (expensive) party.

Oh, and afterwards, you’re going to need a hobby – you’ll have so much free time!

Any standout vendors?

Lee from Wyld Orchids was amazing – her attention to detail and creativity is next to none! I gave her a basic idea and she ran with the concept – it was perfect.
Victoria Edwards was our celebrant and she got our rowdy bridal party under control at the rehearsal and on the big day! Without her, we would’ve had no idea what was happening and even though she was unwell, she soldiered on for us. We were so grateful!
Our photographer Steve was awesome – he brought a whole lot of energy!
And finally, our DJ Norm – absolute 10/10 legend, brought the bangers all night!




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