Alana + Feargal

How did you meet?

We each have varying tales of how we met… We started talking on Facebook when I was 17 and Feargal was 18. But in terms of meeting for the first time, he will tell you it was outside the University Student’s Union in Belfast a whole year previous, when my friend and I were knocked back from entry for being underage and I was just a bit too drunk to remember. I prefer my version, in June 2010, we had been talking online very platonically and shook hands on the dancefloor of a nightclub. A few weeks later (at the same club) I decided to shoot my shot. We were married 12 years almost to the day since the handshake!

When did you know they were the one?

In 2014, we went on our first week-long summer holiday together – we’d done lots of city breaks before this, but Feargal booked this gorgeous holiday to Croatia for my 21st birthday. We were sitting watching the sunset and talking about how, when we got home, our University finals results would be coming out. I was really anxious – my stepdaddy was very unwell and I’d had to ask for special consideration during the exams. Clear as day I remember Feargal telling me ‘Whatever happens, everything is going to be ok’ and I felt so reassured. I believed him, I knew he wasn’t just talking about the exams and knew that we’d tackle whatever together.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

He is the funniest person I know, and through some of the hardest days he has still managed to make me laugh. He is considerate, always making little thoughtful gestures as if he’s read my mind to what I might need at that time. But my top favourite is how much he dotes on our son – seeing them together makes me so happy.

Who proposed and how?

Feargal proposed to me the night before our son’s first birthday. We had meant to go away for a few days but covid cancelled our plans, so he took me out to dinner, suggesting we were toasting surviving our first year of parenthood in a pandemic. We walked round to a church in the city centre, where our son was christened and we always said we’d love to get married one day, to see their Christmas lights and order a taxi home. Outside the chapel, he got down on one knee and I near knocked him flat on his back jumping to say yes.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

Before we got engaged, I went to Ivy & White with my best friend when she was searching for her wedding dress. I followed the boutique on Instagram and saw the stunning MWL dresses they stocked, and actually saved a post of the Harlow dress thinking ‘one day I’ll maybe get to try that on..’. Soon after, we got engaged and a trunk show was announced! I tried on 8 amazing MWL dresses but I knew Harlow was the one. It was dramatic and I adored the small details and the beautiful back but from the front-on, it felt very ‘me’. I loved the shape and knew I could dance the night away, which was very important! My ‘something borrowed’ was the Holly veil that the same friend wore last year, when I was her bridesmaid.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

I felt like I floated through the day! I loved that we shared our first dance with our little boy, but rather than one stand-out moment it was just so special to have so many of our loved ones together after the last few years.

We nipped into our favourite bar, Maddens, for a quick drink and a photo after the ceremony – it was around the corner from the chapel. Before we knew it, half the wedding had landed in for a quick drink before we hit the road to the reception and it was so much fun seeing the small traditional bar bunged to the gills with some of our favourite people.

Some of our friends and family travelled to Ireland from Australia and America, and it was the first they had been able to travel since the pandemic. I’m a crier, but I had held it together until during our ceremony when I spotted one of our friends who had come from Sydney – that broke me!

What were your favourite details? 

My stepdaddy passed away in early 2020, when our son was 3 weeks old. My ‘something blue’ was a cornflower in my bouquet, the MND flower, to honour him.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Everyone told me how quickly the day would pass but I could never have imagined just how quickly. One of my best friends is getting married later this year and I’ve told her to just go with the flow of the day. Also: buy a new pair of perfect white trainers to change into for dancing!!!!!

Any standout vendors?

Our florist, Fleuriste, for finding a perfect cornflower to include in my bouquet and creating such beautiful florals that were all I imagined and more. Our photographer, Paula Gillespie and videographer, Alex McKnight, for blending into our day so seamlessly to capture everything – we didn’t want to spend a lot of time posing, and the candid images and video we have are so perfect. My hairdresser, Linzi Bingham, for coming to style our hair despite having had her little baby boy a week prior!!! My makeup artist Ellen Lunney – I didn’t top up my makeup ONCE and was still flawless at 4am when we finally called it a night. Also the team at The Millhouse who went above and beyond for our guests.




Paula Gillespie


Ivy & White